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Mike Gordon, Saturday, 03/26/2011 Higher Ground, South Burlington, VT

Set 1: Susskind Hotel Horizon Line Just a Rose Flashback Black Tambourine I Miss My Mind River Niger[1] Down in the Flood[2] Weekly Time[1] Mound

Set 2: Babylon Baby Hap-Nappy Cities Heavy Metal The Spiritual Jam Got Away Down to the Nightclub Crumblin' Bones Can't Stand Still Hand in My Pocket Idea

Encore: Skin It Back

[1] Bob Wagner on second guitar
[2] Mike Gordon debut; Bob Wagner on second guitar

Notes: This show marked the Mike Gordon debut of Down in the Flood. River Niger through Weekly Time featured Bob Wagner on second guitar. During setbreak, front of house engineer and bass tech Rachel Bischoff was proposed to on stage (she accepted).

This show was part of the "Mike Gordon - Winter 2011 Tour."

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