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Ether has not been seen in 1897 Phish shows.
It has not yet been performed live.
It was played at 0% of live shows.

Music/Lyrics: Gordon/Murawski

Original Artist: Mike Gordon

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Albums: Overstep


© Who Is She? Music, Inc (BMI)

I found a good way to get my head unwound
Next thing I know I'm up in the treetops
Sank down the trunk and I hit the ground
Then I bounced back up and got seen by a Cyclops
When I thought I had landed, I was floating in the ether

Up in the sky I found rocket components
I hooked 'em up to try to make a new girlfriend
She blew a breaker floating up that high
So she dove down cellar and raided the fuse box
When I thought I had landed, I was floating in the ether

Nobody looks the same in context
Everything I don't touch turns to gold
If you could step aside every time you might try to find a reality check
I won't have to fall my way back home

Dodging satellites in disrepair
I'm kinda like getting communal with nature
But there isn't any food any water or air
So I ordered up an earthquake with a side of glacier
When I re-enter at the Alaskan pipeline, I'm still floating in the ether

I don't even know my own name, 'cept maybe the middle name
I might be a fool but at least I've kept my shame
You ask me if I'll walk with you in the dark, dark rain
But I'm just trying to collect enough evidence to prove that I'm insane

Every time I look in the mirror I see someone else
Who says it makes sense I'm not seeing myself
I slowly get to know that - other person
I realize that it was - I don't know

I got a black truck with magwheels and double back pickup
Sometimes I just need to be alone
Hold all my calls, I'm driving up the walls
I just want to burn some rubber on the buildings in my zone

I looked down the Atlantic saw a funny shape
Mighta been my mama yappin' on the phone
All that crashing turned into a voice
She said "little boy won't you come back home?"

When I thought I had landed, I was floating in the ether
When I thought I could stand it, I was floating in the ether
Avoiding the blanded, I was floating in the
Either this is the plan now, or I don't know if I can be there
If this is real now, I am zoning in the reverb
Stuck in the background, I was floating in the ether

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